"There is still no disease that could defeat People!"

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ВенциславMy name is Ventsislav Lazarov Kiradjiev. I am a citizen of the Parliament republic of Bulgaria. There is one town and three small villages in Bulgaria, called Sadovo. I am born on 10.12.1952 in one of them, near the Bulgarian-Greek border, the last village on the road Gotse Delchev-Drama. My parents Elena and Lazar are no longer among us. I have two brothers and two sisters. Who ever lived through these years, only he knows how hard it was. Especially when you’re trying to raise five children with honest labor. But the heroism of our mother gave its blissful outcome at the survival and development of me and my siblings.

We survived by growing and selling tobacco. I don’t wish this enormous evil to anyone. Whole movie can be created for the suffering and misery of the people, involved in this poison production. Since we had no money for shows, summer was my favorite season, because we were able to walk bare feet whole season.

We studied in the village up until seventh grade, and from then on – in the near village of Koprivlen. I graduated high school in Blagoevgrad’s Specialized High School “Metodi Aleksiev” with profile “Electric Equipment and Maintenance of factory plants”.

Time came for the, then mandatory, military service and I had been offered to graduate in one of the hardest disciplines of military education – air force defense. After graduating with honors I became a teacher in the same discipline in Shumen. That was in 1976. I created a family, which graced me with two beautiful daughters. Now they are all grown-up, married and each has a son of her own.

In 1986 a radical change in my life took place, after which I firmly believe that I am meant to light up the spark for the fire, in which the most terrible disease will burn – cancer.



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„Everything has its beginning”. That's why the healing of Humanity from cancer also has it's beginning and it is coming on fast. Of cource there is nothing easier to say something. It is harder to prove it and to explain how your claim is plausible. And, it is even harder to do what you claim. Or, as my favorite author, Haitov used to say – ”it is one to know, two to be able, three and four to do it”.


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